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Over my 25 year career in clinical practice, I loved the practice of medicine but disliked

  • The perverse effect of special interest money on medical care;

  • Top-down clinical practice guidelines that sometimes enrich drug companies and other special interests while harming patient care;

  • The lack of emphasis on preventive medicine, including diet, exercise, and therapeutic lifestyle changes;

  • The lack of physician training in palliative care/hospice medicine for terminally ill people;

  • Retaliation against medical professionals who are whistleblowers; and

  • A few other things.

Now, I am ready to blog about expensive medical tests and treatments that are not evidence-based to be safe and effective and which cause harm to patients. I will also blow the whistle about financial conflicts of interest than enable huge profits from ineffective tests and treatments.  You are welcome to comment, disagree or agree.


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