Vitamin K and risk factors for CVD: Data for reviewers

Supplementary Table 1. Plant-based food groups—kcals/day available percapita

Supplementary Table 2. Animal-based food groups—kcals/day available per capita

Supplementary Table 3. Template for conversions of food group data (per 100 g portion) into nutrient profiles

Supplementary Table 4. Macronutrients available in countries

Supplementary Table 5. More nutrients

Supplementary Table 6. Formulas for imputing absent values for variables

attributable risks

Food commodity-to-MN-excelsheet

CVDDietRisks (downloadable data on diet-related risk factors)

CVDNonDietRisks  (downloadable data on CVD early deaths and all other risk factors for CVD)

Worksheets for nutrient profiles of food commodities

IHME_GBD_2013_DEATHS_1990_2013_CVD female

IHME_GBD_2013_DEATHS_1990_2013_CVD male

SAS calculations code

SAS source code



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