Footnote “c” from “More Blood Thinners for Hillary Clinton?”

Of six population-based studies of the incidence of VTE related to age, the rate of increase with age ranged from 4.9%/year to 7.7%/year, averaging ≈ 6%/year. In these studies, the incidence of first VTE in women aged 65-69 (average age of this group: 67 (Ms. Clinton’s age)) ranged from 223 – 382 /100,000 residents/year and averaged 301/100,000 residents/year (0.3%/year).(35) Given the 6% rate of increase in VTE risk per year and the chance of a 67 year-old-woman surviving for 10 years (81%),(41) the cumulative risk of VTE for the average 67 year-old woman from July 2015 until January 2025 is about 4.4%, ≈ 4%. (Calculated for me by John Pezzullo, PhD, biostatistician)

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